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Ukiah Barn

This was the Massoletti Winery and the originally structure dating back to 1906. In 1937 it was expanded to the 18,000 square foot structure of today. When I first saw the building, it was in such disrepair from being abandoned for over 50 years. At closer inspection saw that the truss roof system and concrete walls were in good shape and the owner was up for the challenge of repairing the structure. The owner Mario said: “The beautiful setting captivated us and the potential of a unique structure was challenging”. The owners knew that the winery had been a landmark in Calpella and they were enchanted by its history and uniqueness. “It was like the building was talking to me and begging me to save it. I could not demolish it, it was just so wrong.”

Using salvaged materials, the restoration has been over 10 years and will someday become a commercial venue with an events center. The owners have a 2,000 square foot living space in one area.  

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